Running sessions are available to all members. These one hour interval sessions take place year round every Tuesday night at 7pm on the running track at Kinsale Community School.

The training is split up into three groups – getting fitter, intermediate and advanced, so the sessions are suitable for all levels – you can join any group and work away at your own pace completing as many reps as you want under the guidance of the group leader. Sessions start with a guided warm up and end with a cool down and stretches.

Interval training is a great way of improving your running. The idea is to work hard for a certain distance or time then recover and repeat. The intervals vary during the sessions. For example, we might do 200m sprints one week, 400s the next week and so on. There are also some different sessions such as hill repeats, 5km league over a four week period, a one mile race etc.

Members can come along any Tuesday night and join in with any training group. There is no pressure to stay in one group. You can move from one group to another and find your comfort zone.

Saturday social runs take place year round on Saturday mornings at 8.30am. Meeting at Centra Car Park in town in the winter, the group moves back to it’s Summer residence at the Dock usually in May and is followed by an optional dip in the sea, or just coffee and chats. These sessions are suitable for all levels of runner, there are options each week to suit individual paces.

We also generally run a zero to 5k program for beginners during the winter.

New members are always welcome and we try to have a laugh or a chat as we run!