BRIC Sessions

So, how do we put it all together? With Transition – the fourth discipline! It is wise to practice your transitions from one discipline to the next in order to make sure that you have all the equipment you need and that you can change from one set of gear to the next quickly and efficiently. When starting out it is advisable to keep things as simple as possible. A tri suit is a good idea as you can wear it under your wetsuit for the swim, the seat is a little bit padded which is no bad thing when it comes to the cycle, and it’s comfortable to run in and generally quick drying, so weather permitting it’s drying as you go! You can throw a jacket over it if needed for extra warmth on the bike.

BRIC sessions generally take place on Thursday evenings in the summer and can take on a number of formats. In essence there is one or more cycle legs interspersed with runs. The idea is that you get your legs used to running after being on the bike for a while. Interval training is sometimes incorporated just to mix things up! It’s also a chance to practice changing shoes if you have bike shoes and runners and getting your helmet on and off swiftly. It’s not unheard of to see triathletes heading out on the run skidding around on their bike shoes or even more commonly running off up the road with their helmet still on!

Training schedules may vary, updates will be posted on members WhatsApp group or on Facebook and Instagram.